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A beautiful smile is an expensive ornament. It reflects your self-confidence and shows that you are healthy and happy from within. When there are chipped, cracks, stains, or gaps between teeth, you may tend to lose the confidence to smile. You may hide your smile from the public. There are examples where people have put off their plans to take part in social events because they are not happy with the way their teeth and gums look. Are your discolored teeth/chipped teeth/crooked teeth bothering you? Do you desire for a healthy good-looking smile? Call us and make an appointment with Dr. Shirani office. Our smile analysis can tell you how your teeth and gums can be beautified. Visit our dental office in Antioch, California for your great smile makeover. Also, we are serving cosmetic dentistry treatments for surrounding areas Pittsburg CA, Brentwood CA, and Discovery Bay CA.

Why It's Important to Have a Healthy and Good-looking Smile?

A survey conducted by a dental organization regarding smiles came up with some valuable insights about how a to smile is perceived. Majority of participants were unhappy with their smile. Most of them also said that a beautiful smile can help boost career growth, and have a positive impact on love life. So what can a good-looking smile do to a person life?

  • It can make a person look enthusiastic.
  • A good-looking smile can make a person more approachable.
  • It can create a good first impression

Cosmetic Dentistry – The Smile Makeover Process

Cosmetic dentistry is that area of dental medicine, which is concerned with the aesthetic aspect of teeth, and gums. The procedures are aimed at improving the appearance of the smile. While not compromising on oral health and the approach. The outcome of the procedures depends on the knowledge and skills of the cosmetic dentist. We ask the few questions. What do patients expect from the treatment? How according to them the smile can be improved. We take pictures and impressions to study the aesthetic problems and do a thorough analysis. Our cosmetic dentist Dr. Shirani sets a treatment plan and explains. The treatment starts on the approval of the patient.

7 Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments in Antioch, Pittsburg, and Brentwood:

  1. Dental Veneers:

    Dental veneers are thin porcelain shells which are designed to be bonded over the front surface of teeth. Our cosmetic dentist can provide a completely new look to the smile using porcelain veneers. The size of teeth, shape of teeth, and the alignment can be changed. As a result, the smile is transformed and look attractive.

  2. Tooth Whitening:

    Tooth whitening is a procedure followed to brighten teeth. The process involves the use of whitening agents that can penetrate the enamel layer of teeth to remove the stain. Tooth whitening is a quick and safe procedure which is effective in enhancing the smile.

  3. Dental Bonding:

    Dental bonding is done to reshape chipped or broken teeth and to fill gaps between teeth. The composite material is used to reshape teeth. The procedure takes a single visit, and it does not involve tooth preparation (a process which requires some portion of teeth to be removed).

  4. Dental Implants:

    Dental implants are tooth restorations, that can protect supporting bone. The implanted tooth gives the patient more confidence to smile. The porcelain crowns that are cemented over the implant look natural and beautiful.

  5. Porcelain Crowns:

    Porcelain crowns are caps that look very similar to natural teeth. They are used to cover damaged teeth. Porcelain crowns are custom-made to fit over the teeth. Porcelain has a natural property of reflecting more light, and hence the teeth look bright and real.

  6. Tooth-Colored Fillings:

    Tooth-colored fillings are restorative material used to fill cavities in natural teeth. Fillings are prepared in such a way that they suit the natural color of the teeth. Once filled in the cavity, the materials blend with the natural tooth surface and hence can go unnoticed and gives the patient can smile openly.

  7. Orthodontics:

    Orthodontics is that area of dental medicine which is concerned about the position of teeth in the jawbone, and the way they come together in a bite. Orthodontic treatments, make a smile more beautiful by moving teeth in a planned direction. Teeth straightening procedures not only improve the smile but also the oral health of patients.

Visit Our Cosmetic Dentistry in Antioch:

If you want to improve your smile with cosmetic dentistry treatment in Antioch, visit our dental clinic. We also welcome patients from surrounding cities such as Pittsburg, Brentwood, and Discovery Bay.

Dr. Ali Shirani

Our goal is to provide superior quality dental care which caters to all dental needs of a person. We consider both aesthetics and dental health factors when performing the treatment which enables us in coming out with wonderful smiles for our patients.

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