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Are you suffering from teeth loss? You may be at a high risk of several oral health problems which add up to the obvious reality of your compromised chewing efficiency. Tooth loss is an undesirable condition for your oral health, yet it is not rare for people to lose teeth. Tooth decay, periodontal disease, and accidental injuries are some of the common causes. Which can lead to teeth loss? So how does one recover from the loss? It's simple. A lost tooth can be restored with a suitable replacement. Dental implants are one of the most widely recommended restorations in dentistry, which can last a lifetime with little or no repair necessary during the course, provided proper care is taken. If teeth loss is bothering you or any of your family members, make an appointment and meet our implant dentist with Dr. Shirani at our Ali Shirani DDS office. We can recommend the most suitable restoration option for you.

Why Dental Implants?

Dental implants are ideal for restoring lost teeth, but it's important to know about the alternatives, such as fixed bridges, or removable full and partial dentures. Infected teeth that still have good support inside the jawbone may be avoided through endodontic therapy. Which is better known as root canal therapy? Missing teeth should always be restored. As the contrarily, residual teeth may move to cause the bite to collapse.

Dental Implants Procedure

Before choosing dental implant treatment, our dentist will take a complete dental evaluation and explain a plan of action. This is to ensure you don't have any health situations, that could make oral surgery improper. Besides, our dentist will use different diagnostic tools like CT Scans or dental X-Rays. So your implant can be fixed with accuracy and with the least risk.

Dental Implants Surgery

The process for having dental implants includes two separate operational procedures. The initial surgery is to put the implant post in the jawbone and is normally carried under local anesthesia. An incision is formed in the gum tissue before a hole is created. The implant is put into the hole, and the gum is stitched. The site is left to heal so the implant post can integrate firmly with the jawbone, and the process of healing is called osseointegration. During the process of new bone cells will grow around the implant post and ensuring it can't move and is tough enough to hold a restoration.

The next surgical procedure is taking place between three to eight months later, the implant will be exposed and assessed. Will determine, if the implant post has successfully secured into the jawbone. It may be important to make some changes. If the implant has failed to lock in then, it may need to be extracted, choices at this stage can include replacing the implant, or placing the implant at a different area. If the implant support has been successful then the second surgical procedure is to create an opening in the gum to expose the implant and placing a post known as a restorative cap. A tooth can be connected that will extend above the gum line into the mouth. The cap is utilized to mold the gum tissue to give support to the crown, or bridge.

The final phase attaches a metal bolt know as an abutment into the implant, and this will be used to hold the crown or bridge. At this time, your conclusive prosthesis can be created. If you are the candidate of tooth loss or missing tooth in Antioch and nearby Pittsburg, Brentwood, and Discovery Bay CA. please visit our dental office, and get your implant treatment.

Risks associated with Dental Implant surgery

No surgery is risk-free, so we will look at all possible risks, there is always an unusual risk, with any sort of oral surgery. The risks connected with dental implants will be surgery or tooth restoration. Surgical risks can include bleeding infection and swelling. More severe, but rare problems are bone fracturing areas. Where the jaw is thin, muscle contractions injuries to the temporomandibular joint, damage to tooth roots which may later need root canal surgery.

Make sure you know these risks. It will provide you to make an informed decision and to have a realistic expectation of implant surgery. Do not agree to have surgery before you understand, and agree with the all possible risk. Tooth restoration, risk involves failure of the implants to the lock in the bone causing a loosened implant fracture to the parts of the implant and causing the tooth to come off post fracture of the tooth crown. These problems are usually solved by making new parts and a new tooth.

Dr. Ali Shirani

Our goal is to provide superior quality dental care which caters to all dental needs of a person. We consider both aesthetics and dental health factors when performing the treatment which enables us in coming out with wonderful smiles for our patients.

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