When and Why Should You Go To The Dentist?

When and Why Should You Go To The Dentist?

Did you know that poor dental health carries the risk of affecting your heart? Bacterial infections developed in your mouth can find their way to your heart via blood streams and risk your heart’s health and functionality.

Going for regular dental check-ups is by far, the most important thing you can do to keep your overall health in check, not to mention, dental health is great for aesthetics as well.

So when and why should you go to the dentist?

Plaque and Cavities

Even if you are someone who brushes twice a day, it is possible to miss out the small corners. However, these small regions can be the breeding ground for bacteria that can lead to plaque and cavities. By diligently sticking to your regular dental check-ups, you can keep these painful experiences at bay.

Digging a Little Deeper

By visiting dental office near you at least every six months you are not only taking care of the superficial part of your teeth and gums but also what lies within. During these check-ups, you are also getting your teeth and jaw bones x-rayed that enables your dentist to diagnose any issue that might be invisible to the naked eye. Wisdom teeth, decay and tumours are some of the common issues that can be attended to immediately before the problem becomes irreversible.

Early Detection of Oral Cancer

Early stage oral cancer is easily treatable. However, this is possible to diagnose only if you adhere to your regular dental checkups. Dentists are trained to recognize the onset of oral cancer and can help you slash the chances of it becoming a life-threatening disease.

Your dentist may use a non-invasive and pain free VELscope Cancer exam which catches sight of any dead tissue due to tumours. Its special light helps recognizing these key aspects in your mouth and can potentially save your life!

Recognizing oral cancer in its early stage is the key to treating it and a regular visit to your dentist is the first step.

Avoid Tooth Decay

Many visit their dentists when their tooth/teeth are deep into decay. A regular and timely visit to your dentist can help nip the decay in the bud and allow your affected tooth to gain its strength back instead of rotting away. After all, getting minor procedures done is way easier and cheaper than undergoing a root canal procedure for that decay.

Keep Gum Diseases at Bay

Maybe your teeth are healthy but your mouth is still ridden with tartar and plaque. This may be because of the underlying gum diseases that are eroding your gum tissues.

As a result of this bacterial infection, your gums start to bleed, swell and become extremely tender as well as painful. Since this infection pulls the gums away from your teeth, it is common to witness your teeth loosening or simply falling off which mandates an intensive treatment.

Keep gum disease and a huge bill at bay by regular visits to your dentist. Dentists regularly clean your mouth, riding it of residual materials and catching gingivitis before it is too late. Talk to our expert dentist in Antioch at 925-778-1998 to know more about oral health.

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